Heads Up 18 November 2022


Dear Colleagues,

Some great news for learners in Warwickshire! I am delighted to share with you the outcome of the Ofsted inspection for Warwickshire County Council's Adult and Community Learning Service, which took place on 5th October 2022. 

The service continues to be judged as 'Good'.  This is a fantastic achievement, and we are very proud of the whole team. 

The inspection team noted that ‘learners, who come from a variety of social and ethnically diverse backgrounds, learn in a respectful and supportive environment. They are challenged to do their best by tutors who are sensitive to their needs. As a result, many learners develop their confidence and resilience.’ 

The report can be access using the link below:

A great result for Warwickshire.

Best wishes 

Chris Baird

Interim Assistant Director for Education Services.