Heads Up 17 June 2022


Dear Colleagues,
This week is the start of Warwickshire's involvement in a local area SEND pilot that is being carried out by OfSTED and the CQC to test the methodology for a new inspection framework which is currently in development and out for consultation.  Linked is the draft guidance for further information: https://api.warwickshire.gov.uk/documents/WCCC-1980322935-2166
It is a testament to the work that has taken place across Warwickshire that Ofsted and the CQC are wanting to work with us all to reflect on their draft methodology.  No judgement or report is produced after the visit. It will provide valuable reflection and learning for Ofsted and the CQC and also for Warwickshire. This will be used to inform our practice and development.The shift in emphasis in this draft inspection methodology is to look at impact, outcomes, involvement and the conditions for successful support and work. This mirrors in some respects the approach used for the Children's Safeguarding inspection and you'll see from the guidance that there will be some individual case sampling as well as opportunities to hear from children and young people, families and carers. The focus is significantly on service experience rather than structures, policies, procedures and meetings per se.

You will have already received some communications on the pilot, including requests to promote parent/carer surveys: https://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/YourViewsWarwickshire/ . Some schools and settings will be involved in the work to test out the methodology and will have been or will be contacted directly. Thank you for taking part at a busy time.

As mentioned there will be no judgement or report produced. Warwickshire will be sharing its experience of the methodology with the inspection team which is across Ofsted and CQC (the Care Quality Commission for health and care). We will also reflect on the learning and share that with schools and settings.

This week, we also launched our new Outdoor Education and Learning Strategy to schools. At Warwickshire County Council, we recognise that the great outdoors has so much to offer all of us, and we are keen to enable all Warwickshire children to access the wide-ranging and profound benefits of outdoor education and learning. Find out more about the new strategy here: https://headsup.warwickshire.gov.uk/heads-up-17-june-2022/celebrating-warwickshires-family-of-schools/introducing-the-outdoor-education-and-learning-strategy

Best wishes and thanks

Chris Baird

Interim Assistant Director for Education Services.