Heads Up 14th March 2018


Welcome to the March 2018 edition of Heads UpChris Malone

We are pleased this month to be able to share the full draft Education Strategy which is now out for consultation. The purpose of this Education Strategy is to set out clearly our aspirations and priorities for education in Warwickshire, and to summarise how Council teams will be working with partners to achieve them. Anyone who is interested can comment on the draft Education Strategy but we are particularly interested in the views of parents and carers, students, schools, colleges, early years providers, childminders, children’s centres and professional staff.   

Face to face groups have already started to take place since the consultation launched on 5th March. A very productive Early Years visioning event was held on 28th February with 40 representatives from across Warwickshire looking at how to provide ‘the best possible start in life’. More about this event can be read in the Early Years Visioning event article.

Education providers in Warwickshire will have received (or be receiving very shortly) a small number of consultation leaflets that can be distributed to staff and parent groups. We also want to hear from children and young people, and welcome drawings which we could use to illustrate the final version. Please email copies of drawings to educationstrategy@warwickshire.gov.uk   

For more on the consultation itself, and for details of how to respond, please read the article in our ‘Essential Reading’ section.  

You will also find all of the usual updates in this issue of Heads Up which I hope you find useful.

Please feel free to share this newsletter, and in particular the details of the consultation, with staff in your school, as well as governors.

I look forward to hearing from you and meeting with some of you at the various events over the coming weeks.

With thanks and best wishes,

Chris Malone, Head of Service Education and Learning