Heads Up 15th June 2018


Welcome to the June edition of Heads Up

The Warwickshire Education Strategy will be featured at the Headteacher Briefing on 28th June. It focuses on making a difference to the lives of learners. I came across this poem and want to share it with you. It relates to a specific school, but could equally apply to any one of the Warwickshire Family of Schools, mainstream or special. I agree with the poet that  poems are a great way to display emotion and thoughts.
"Working in partnership, celebrating success, aiming for excellence"   
Taken from the responses to the Education Strategy consultation, this is our renewed strap-line, reflecting our vision and priorities for education moving forwards.
The final versions of the Education Strategy and associated documents are now ready to take to the Cabinet meeting on 14 June and are publicly available to read on the Committee pages of the website. Following co-production, the final content looks very different to the draft versions that were shared at the beginning of the consultation. A suite of additional documents have also been produced including a delivery plan. There may be some fine tuning after Cabinet. We will then share the final documents with all schools before the end of the summer term, ready for implementation in September. There will be an agenda item at the Summer Term Headteachers’ Briefing on 28 June (please remember to book your place if you haven’t already), where we will also share some more information about Pendulum.
Pendulum is already up and running and being used by members of the Education team; it is a system that provides us with an excellent opportunity for supportive intelligence about schools to be held all in one place, with headteachers able to view their school's 'page'. I recently gave a demonstration to the Education Challenge Board where the response was very positive; we will share a brief demonstration with colleagues on 28 June and we have discussed with the Primary School Improvement Board providing sessions for consortia in the autumn term.
Heads Up is now coming to the end of its second year of running and has become a well-established mechanism for providing the Warwickshire ‘Family of Schools’ with important information from across the County Council and more widely. In response to your comments in our recent questionnaire, we have been reviewing Heads Up to ensure it is fit for purpose and supports our Education Strategy priorities. 
We are currently looking at ways that we can provide a more frequent, more succinct electronic bulletin that is easily accessible. The ‘new look’ Heads Up will be launched in September and will keep the same brand that has become familiar….we will keep you posted on changes and what to look out for when it comes!
And finally don't forget to sign up to our Careers Strategy Development day on 4th July! 
With thanks and best wishes,
Chris Malone
Head of Education & Learning