COVID-19 social media assets

Warwickshire County Council's Facebook and Twitter account have been promoting two COVID-19 social media messages over the last week as a reminder for parents and carers about whether or not to take a child to school if they are displaying possible COVID-19 symptoms. 

Feel free to use these messages in school newsletters or on schools social media accounts. 

  • If your child is unwell then please keep them at home. Get a PCR test as soon as possible for any COVID-19 symptoms. Not taking a test or getting a positive result means self-isolation for 10 days. Any child going to school with COVID-19 symptoms will be sent home.
  • If a child is unwell it might be COVID-19, take a PCR test to be sure. If the test is negative but they are still unwell (mainly a high temperature), they should remain at home until they feel better for 48 hours.


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