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Outstanding result for Rugby childminder

Congratulations to Crang Juliet (Childminder - Rugby) who recently received ‘Outstanding’ judgements across all the four inspection areas - quality of education, behaviour and attitudes, personal development and leadership and management.

Ofsted stated:

The childminder is extremely effective in evaluating her own practice. She accurately identifies her skills and areas she can improve. The childminder has a positive attitude and is proactive in making necessary improvements. She seeks out specific training to support gaps in her knowledge and extensively researches practices in childcare and engages in webinars. The childminder frequently spends time with other providers and is highly effective in sharing ideas for activities and good practice.

Young children play harmoniously alongside one another. The childminder knows the children in her care extremely well. She knows the signs that indicate children are tired and how their mood changes.

The childminder's practice is extremely consistent in ensuring children are always emotionally secure.  The childminder extensively supports the children, so they know what is going to happen next.

The childminder is very flexible in her approach to how activities are implemented. She makes excellent use of what she knows from her assessments of children's development and plans for specific learning intentions for each child. The childminder is highly effective in adapting activities and following the children's spontaneous interests and supporting them to lead their own learning.

Children are making outstanding progress across the seven areas of learning. The childminder skilfully incorporates the children's interests in the adult-led activities.

Children with English as an additional language are supported extremely well by the childminder. She is fluent in French and therefore can fully converse with children in their home language. The childminder is highly effective in using this attribute to extend children's English-speaking skills, significantly enabling them to communicate with adults and children alike.

The childminder has established excellent strategies for working in partnership with parents. She extensively shares with parents their children's achievements, her current plans and specific targets for their individual children to make progress. Parents describe the childminder as excellent.

You can read the full report on Ofsted's website here.

WE2 An empowering curriculum

Education resources for Victory in Europe Day (VE Day)

Friday 8th May 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day (commonly known as VE Day). This year, the Government has moved the May bank holiday to VE Day to allow the nation to remember the sacrifice so many made in the fight against fascism.


Given the restrictions due to COVID-19, plans to mark the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Europe have been changed and lots of community activities now cancelled.

However, there are still lots of ways that people can get involved and show their support in marking the day on social media and also at home. 

In the run up to VE Day:

  1. The full toolkit is available here: Get involved in marking #VEDay75. This link contains online resources including tips for hosting a tea party at home, colouring, bunting and creative challenges for children.
  2. Historian and presenter Dan Snow's creative challenge for school-aged children: video on social media and challenge on the website. There will also be a week of history lessons on Dan's History Hit YouTube channel in the week running up to 8 May.
  3. Share your stories: people can share their family's connection to WW2 by posting photos and stories on social media using #VEDay75.
  4. A - Z graphics: shared on Instagram (@dcmsgovuk) with information about VE Day and the end of the Second World War.
  5. Veteran videos and stories - check out the first video featuring Mervyn. @DCMS on Twitter will be featuring these over the next few weeks.

On VE Day:

@DCMS on Twitter will be posting a hero video featuring people thanking those who contributed to the war effort at home, including teachers, farmers, engineers etc. Please look out for this and share on the day.

For more ideas of ways to get involved and more educational resources please visit www.ve-vjday75.gov.uk/get-involved/

Keeping residents and communities safe in Warwickshire

Safe in WarwickshireResidents in Warwickshire can access a whole raft of information and advice online to help keep themselves and others in their community safe by visiting the Safe in Warwickshire website.

The website was set up by the multi-agency Safer Warwickshire Partnership Board and aims to provide easily accessible information to help reduce crime and disorder and promote safety in Warwickshire.

Within the site, which is updated daily, there are links to Cyber Crime, Prevent, Exploitation, Hate Crime, Domestic Violence, Crime Prevention, Trading Standards updates and a whole host of other useful links to Community Safety matters. 

A regular e-newsletter is also sent out to keep people updated on the latest information and anyone who would like to receive this can sign up here.

The information would be helpful to students, parents and carers and staff in your school so we would encourage you to share the link to the website through your newsletters and website.

Visit the Safe in Warwickshire website

New wellness support for Warwickshire County Council foster carers

We recognise the invaluable service provided by foster carers across the county and want to ensure they are supported and have access to services that help improve and maintain their mental health and wellbeing.

WCC foster carers receive ongoing training and support as part of their role and this has been enhanced with the introduction of the Workplace Wellness programme to help people manage all of life’s events and challenges, whether relationship, financial, health and wellbeing or career related.

The programme is in addition to the existing support provided by the Warwickshire Foster Carer Association (WFCA) which offers a range of services for WCC foster carers, children who foster and those in care through peer to peer support at coffee mornings to children and family events as well as advice and guidance to potential foster carers as and when required.

Anyone interested in fostering can call for a chat on 0800 408 1556 or visit www.warwickshire.gov.uk/fostering

The Workplace Wellness support is provided through the Employee Assistance Programme and provides information, advice and guidance 24 hours a day to WCC employees and WCC approved foster carers.

WE3 Family of schools

Updated information on support for service children in schools

The Department for Education has updated the guidance on their website relating to service premium information for schools, which sets out how much service premium funding schools get and details of which children attract the funding.

View the service premium webpage

The Service children in state schools (SCISS) page on the DfE website has also recently been updated to reflect the current status of the SCISS organisation. SCISS is a voluntary affiliated network of state-maintained schools in England that have any number of service children on roll.

View the SCISS webpage

Educaterers post recipe a day so school dinners can be recreated at home!

With many children not at school right now, parents and carers may be getting requests to recreate their regular school dinners at home.

And as school meals aren’t what they used to be – with fresh fruit kebabs on the menu, rather than semolina pudding – it’s perhaps not surprising!

So Warwickshire-based school caterers, Educaterers, are posting a recipe a day on social media from their Educaterers Recipe Book, via the Warwickshire County Council Twitter and WCC Facebook accounts, hashtag #Educaterers.


The recipe book was developed by Educaterers to help pupils and their families to re-create some of the school meals they enjoy at home and encourage healthy eating. You can download the whole book for free here.

Prior to the Covid-19 outbreak, Educaterers worked with the pupils and staff of Birchwood Primary School in Dordon, north Warwickshire, to test out and develop some of the recipes included in the book ~ including the first recipe which was posted on Thursday 16th April, Funny Face Pizzas!

Also included in the recipe book is a simple recipe for hand-baked bread, which can be used as a base for the pizza.

Other recipes are Chef’s Sausage Rolls with a Twist, Fantastic Fish Cakes and, for the more adventurous, Chilli Chicken Fritta with Coconut Spinach.

For those with a sweet tooth, there are also recipes for Up-beet Chocolate Muffins and Lemon Drizzle Cake.

Warwickshire Fire & Rescue Service are reminding parents and carers that this is also a good opportunity to teach children about fire safety in the kitchen.

Warwickshire Fire and Rescue Services Community Fire Safety and Arson Manager, Moreno Francioso, said: “Alongside the fun activities such as cooking cakes and biscuits, why not test your smoke alarms as part of the activity, and remember, never leave a child unattended in the kitchen when the appliances are turned on.”

Tips to help keep you and your family safe while cooking at home include:

  • Avoid leaving children in the kitchen alone when cooking. Keep matches and saucepan handles out of their reach to keep them safe.
  • Don’t leave cooking unattended.
  • If a pan catches fire, don’t take any risks – Get Out, Stay Out, and Call 999.
  • Keep tea towels and cloths away from the cooker and hob.
  • Take care if you’re wearing loose clothing – this can easily catch fire.
  • Take care with electrics – keep leads and appliances away from water and place grills and toasters away from curtains and kitchen rolls.
  • Make sure you have at least one smoke alarm on every level of your home and test them regularly.
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