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Road Safety Video - The Active Adventures of Warwick Bear

A new story, written by Louise Newham and illustrated by Mike Jackson, will be shared with primary aged children throughout Warwickshire to promote active travel and encourage children, young people, and families to explore alternative modes of travel to and from school.

This story follows Warwick Bear, Warwickshire's road safety mascot, as he searches for healthy, environmentally friendly, and fun ways to travel to school.  Throughout his adventures, Warwick Bear meets some incredibly special superheroes who help him see that it is always better to travel actively.

Actor and Warwickshire resident, David Bradley, who some of you may know from his roles in Harry Potter and Game of Thrones, helped launch the new book with a very special reading which was captured on camera.  The full video is available to watch here:

Ofsted Education Inspection Framework, inspections and the EYFS

Ofsted are often asked lots of questions and encounter many myths about their EIF inspections. They have answered the most frequently asked questions on the EYFS and on inspection practise  and have updated this guidance this month.

 Click here: Government publications Ofsted EIF inspections and the EYFS

Ofsted state they are not in the game of tricking people or catching them out. They are looking to see settings and schools as they are and do not want people worrying about what they think is required, when that may not be the case.

If you have not yet read this guidance it may well be worth a read and if you do come across other frequent misunderstandings  Ofsted encourage you to get in touch.



Ofsted has published the first of a series of reviews on early years education.

The review underpins the inspectorate’s new strategic focus on early education and giving children ‘the best start in life’ following the Covid-19 pandemic.

This report draws on a range of published research to consider how early years practitioners deliver high-quality education for children from birth to 4 years old.


Free Winter Toolkit for your setting and families

The Early Years Alliance has launched a free Winter Toolkit for early years providers containing a series of useful resources to help you — and your families — to navigate the unique difficulties you may face in the winter months.

Non-fiction in the early years

The Early years foundation stage (EYFS) statutory framework refers to non-fiction books and their role in enhancing language development and children's knowledge of the world around them. 

National Literacy Trust resources provide guidance on how to read and explore non-fiction texts with young children, accompanied by a booklist of recommended texts to try in your setting.

Best start in life: a research review for early years

When you’re thinking about how children will progress while they’re in your care, you’ll need to think about what you want them to learn, and how you’ll go about helping them to do so. Sometimes, you’ll need to tell or show them what to do if it’s a new experience for them. Then, you’ll give them a chance to try it themselves.

At other times, you might let them play first and then step in to suggest things they might like to try as they continue the activity. It all depends on the child – and judging what will work best is up to you, as you know them as individuals.

Have a look at Ofsted’s new early years research review 'Best Start in Life' which has just been published to find out more.

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