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Why language matters: what is meant by ‘early help’

NSPCC Learning has published a new blog post as part of its Why Language Matters series explaining ‘early help’ and looking at the differences between ‘early help’ and ‘early intervention’.

The blog post explores the lack of shared understanding around these terms and discusses how this impacts on the provision of support for families.

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Best start in life part 2: the 3 prime areas of learning

This report is part of Ofsted's series of subject-based curriculum research reviews. Its purpose is to support early years practitioners in raising the quality of early years education. The report has 3 parts:

Tiny Happy People programme

Are aware of the amazing resources that the BBC have developed as part of their Tiny Happy People programme?

The Local Government Association (LGA) are working with the BBC to deliver champion training into the resources, an opportunity for ANYONE who works with families and children under 5 to find out more about the resources and how they can use them.

Tiny Happy People: https://www.bbc.co.uk/tiny-happy-people

They are hosting FREE regional events, and this is the one for the South West of England.

A parent’s guide to keeping kids healthy this school year

As the new school year begins, children, teenagers and their parents prepare for new schedules, homework, friends, and activities. But the autumn also brings common illnesses that can keep children and teenagers away from their classmates and studies.

This blog post covers steps you can take now and throughout the coming term to help protect your family from seasonal illnesses. We’ll explore available vaccinations, how to recognise symptoms of common illnesses, and how to make informed decisions on whether a sick student is well enough to attend school or college.

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Top safety tips for families this September

Please find here top tips from Capt

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